The participation in your BW Project could cover the following areas:

  • BW-, BW/BPS (has been my main focus during last 9 years)
  • ABAP

There is also significant experience providing workshops and training
sessions in common BW areas, such as:

  • Training- Query Design in BW (includes BW-Basics)
  • Training- Authorities in BW
  • Training- ABAP-Enhancements in BW.
  • Training- Process Data modelling and performance tuning

The main Focus in BW-Project is BW, BW/BPS and also BW-Project-Leading.

Big experience in logistics SCM (SD,MM,LES,LIS) is very beneficial in BW projects which are focused in logistics. It reduces the time needed for concept creation and implementation and helps to reduce the costs in
project development and support after going live