Business Activities :

- Netweaver 2004s / Netweaver 7 / 7.3
- BW-Concept creation / Concept development / Blueprint
- BW-Customization
- BW-Standard Cubes, Virtual Cubes with Services, ODS, DSO
- BW-Master Data
- BW-Process chains, Design & Optimization
- BW-infospockes
- BW-Programming : Startroutines, Updateroutines (ABAP), DTP
- BW-Performance Tuning and Test , Statistics
- BW-Retail POS, MAP
- BW-Extraction ( also F2)
- ORACLE-Extraction, ORACLE-SQL Optimization
- BW-BPS / BW-Integrated Planning (IP)
- BW-Queries
- BW-Queries (VBA)
- BW-Workshops / Trainings: Query Design, BW-Authorizations, ABAP for BW
- BW-DBConnect / Oracle /Siebel
- BI-SAP BusinessObjects XI , Xccelsius, Dashboards, SDK
- BI-BO LCM, CNC, Universe Designer Tools


SAP Business Intelligence

The reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data is of central importance to a company in guaranteeing its competitive edge, optimizing processes, and enabling it to react quickly and in line with the market.  As a core component of SAP NetWeaver, the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) provides data warehousing functionality, a business intelligence platform, and a suite of business intelligence tools that enable businesses to attain these goals. Relevant business information from productive SAP applications and all external data sources can be integrated, transformed, and consolidated in SAP BW with the toolset provided. SAP BW provides flexible reporting and analysis tools to support you in evaluating and interpreting data, as well as facilitating its distribution. Businesses are able to make well-founded decisions and determine target-orientated activities on the basis of this analysis.